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Posted on Monday June 15, 2015 at 08:50PM

Health officials change public warnings about dangerous algae blooms in Alberta lakes
 After four years and almost 100 blue-green algae advisories for Alberta lakes, the provincial health authority is changing the way it warns the public about the scummy, green growth that occurs in some of the province’s favourite swimming spots every year. Read More

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Algae Advisory changes

This is such a blatant attempt to downplay the health hazard and risk, and put 'lipstick on the pig'. Even where there is not the 'visible' blue green bloom and its associated stench, it is a given there will be the 'pea soup' particles sitting atop the water. l guess business interests, profit, and real estate values ( which have plummeted over the last 6 years) get priority.

So gentlemen " start your engines" and continue putting mother nature 'on the run'

Posted on Tuesday August 04, 2015 at 10:35AM

Thanks for your comments.

Actually, the pea soup particles you are referring to have always been in Alberta Lakes and for swimmers it is common practice to shower when finished swimming and it’s common sense not to go in if it’s bad. The change in the warnings simply relate to the actual risks and not “Possible” risks if toxins may be present. Also, there may be algae in one area of the lake but clear in others and so it’s important to tell the truth that just because there may be algae, it is not necessarily toxic and not necessarily the entire lake that is affected. While it is true that property values and commerce have been affected by these warnings, Alberta Health only changed the advisory system based on the evidence they’ve collected with all of these samples over the years. Our entire community is working hard to keep the lake free of nutrients that promote the growth of algae and in reality the lake conditions have improved greatly over the last few years. We invite you to come out and see for yourself...

Posted on Thursday August 06, 2015 at 07:39AM

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